Frontline (Acapella)

from Frontline (Single) by Savage Souls



Savage Souls are back with a new track! The mixtape is wrapped up and it's time for some originals, produced by Kae G The Original Seed! Savage Souls back on the Frontline!


Fortune the Iron Mic Mangler:
Yo’ it’s the Diesel weapon, sent to destroy you feeble peasants
With multi-syllable rhymes, dope beats and lethal injections --
Now your speakers infected, intravenously connected
And there nothing that you can fucking say to keep you protected

It’s documented record, knock you out within a second
Throwing a combo, quick pronto, guess that's how I’ll get respected
You better hit the exit now or prepare for your final days
While the vinyl plays, lyrics consume like a tidal wave

Take you out of the element, show the crowd you're relevant
If they buy it - I’m selling it, don’t require development
The Master of the Universe, smash you deep into the earth
You can call me He-Man, when we clash we see who loses first

Fighting for survival, we deserve credit like 4th Disciple
Staying up late night, to the daylight-like Jimmy and Loren Michaels
We were born idols, here to defeat every sworn Rival
All of you new rappers and wack and corny as porn titles … muthafuckers!

Kae G The Original Seed:
The crazy, the camo wearing - impatient, insane, the rarest
Invade and then raid your terrace; a sadist afraid of marriage
Elated to slay, the pair it's paid to just say the barest
mundane and forsaken language defacing the face of lyrics

You’ll perish and it's apparent, this crew is the truth with merit
The two with the dude that's flaring unusual grooves and blaring
A suitable tune to tear up a beautiful mood of terror
Remove you and lose an air of the fake shit, Taker, and Sara

Go postal and post a note to the mobile web page of Goku
I’m no Radditz, this is savage, the baddest I’m saying Pro Tools
The way that we slay is so cruel, the day of the may is vocal
So pray for the fate of those dudes who wasted away Chernobyl

Our mace to the face is scoval in rating a blazing total
Of Hades invading local bar tastings of Haitian soul food
Car chases with jake an ode to our favorite dissuaded soul group
Amazing a maven, mogul, that made it - the raven told you!


from Frontline (Single), released May 6, 2020
Written by B. Wade, O. Mitchell
Mixed and Mastered by DJ Bless




Savage Souls Charleston, South Carolina

Savage Souls continues a long running, and seemingly forgotten, tradition of lyrically driven, sample based Hip Hop.

The trio brings a sound, both fresh and yet incredibly familiar to dyed in the wool Hip Hop fans.

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